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Welcome to the shiny new ‘How does your garden grow? Let me tell you how….’ blog!

Let me share a little bit about myself. I’m a wordsmith geek through and through. I love words and playing with them. Having taught English at middle school and lectured in Communication in South Africa at college, teaching is very much in my blood. I’m also a crazy keen gardener – I wasn’t able to study horticulture formally, so I did the next best thing – and have devoted myself to a lifetime of learning as much as I can about all-things gardening. So, it’s not really surprising that one thing led to another and I decided to write a gardening book in 2020.

And so was born, Container and Raised Bed Gardening for Beginners and Beyond: A guide to growing your own Vegetables, Herbs, Fruit and Cut Flowers. I really believe that containers and raised beds offer a great alternative to in-ground gardening and makes gardening an option for many people.

When writing the book, it struck me that beginner gardeners need a great deal of equipment – where do they begin? How do you know what to buy when you don’t even know it exists? And so our website came into being to meet the needs of gardeners, especially those at the beginner level. We offer a wide selection of gardening tools and supplies for beginners and beyond. We also offer coaching in raised bed and container gardening; I got the idea for coaching services partly from the ubiquitous zoom meeting that has come to be synonymous with 2020. We also specialize in the preparation of raised bed square foot garden plans, tailor-made to the client’s culinary specifications and customized to their specific raised bed.

While I don’t feel the need to put pen to paper in another book, well not yet anyway, I do love to write, and so the blog…… At this stage I intend posting every fortnight. I would like to make the blog interactive.

When I’m not working in the garden, you can often find me in the kitchen, cooking or baking. Just as the book concludes with recipes from garden to table, so too the blog will feature some of my favorite recipes.

Last but least I am the devoted mom to Janey and Angus – two stellar Golden Retrievers who share our lives and make them complete. More about them later.

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