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Your seed destination for vegetable, herb and flower seeds, from trusted heirlooms to the latest gourmet varieties. Renee’s Garden also caters for the container gardener who is short on space. Look for the onion and garlic starter plants, seed potatoes and asparagus and rhubarb roots.

The first ever two-in-one square-foot garden grid and irrigation system that helps make square foot gardening a breeze.  Maximize production in your raised bed with this customizable, innovative product.

Recently named the “world’s most advanced container garden”, the Garden Tower® 2 grows a whopping 50 plants in just 4 square feet! With a built-in vermicomposter in the center, this is the ultimate vertical gardening system for your patio.

Raise your game in square-foot raised bed gardening; this handy color-coded innovative device takes the guess-work out of positioning your seeds and plants.  The Seedling Square tool acts a stencil, ensuring seeds or plants are correctly positioned in each square foot.  

Raised Bed and Elevated Raised Bed Kits


Vertical Planters

Soil Mix/Compost/Mulch


Irrigation and Watering

Seeds and Seeds Supplies

Plant Stakes and Supports

Plant Protectors and Season Extenders

Garden Tools and Pruners

Grow Bags and Mushroom Kits

Beneficial Insects and Pest Control

Bird Houses, Feeders and Baths

Gardening Gifts

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