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I do touch on COMPANION PLANTING in my book – CONTAINER AND RAISED BED GARDENING FOR BEGINNERS AND BEYOND.  However, there have been numerous questions about this in our Facebook group – Container and Raised Bed Gardening – and I thought it would be worthwhile exploring this fascinating topic in more detail. It’s important to

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When I first arrived in the States, I was surprised to see the scones available in coffee shops and bakeries. Gone were the plain, round scones topped with jam (aka jelly in the States) and cream with which I was familiar. Instead, scones in America, at least in my neck of the woods, tend to

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It’s too early for planting sweet pea seed, but it’s not too early to start thinking about ordering your favorite variety. In fact, now is the perfect time to peruse seed catalogs. Order early and avoid disappointment – the popular varieties will sell out quickly! Renee’s Garden, our specialist seed supplier, boasts a selection of

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5 mistakes to avoid with your raised bed

  As tempting as it may be to get your new raised bed up and running, you really want to spend some time planning it; there are a couple of very important mistakes to avoid. 1. YOUR RAISED BED IS NOT PROPERLY ORIENTATED If possible, raised beds should be orientated north to south. This will

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Scrumptious Shortbread topped with chocolate and nuts

This is not the shortbread of purists (I have that recipe LOL), but it’s definitely one of my go-to recipes that is sure to delight. A thin shortbread layer that is topped with chocolate and walnuts – what’s not to like?  The shortbread is made with light brown sugar which gives it a melt-in-the mouth

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Do you Hugelkultur?

  So you’ve splurged and now have a fabulous 2 foot deep raised bed.  Good for you – your back will certainly thank you, but maybe not your wallet, because you are now faced with the prospect of filling it.  The mind boggles at how many bags of soil mix it will take. There’s actually

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